Automotive Recruitment

We support OEM’s and tier one/two companies globally with mid to senior level hires, focussed largely on procurement, engineering and quality.

It’s quite common for recruitment businesses to work on a retained type model, asking for payment up front, but we think that takes some of the urgency away. Ultimately, most companies partner with a recruiter to find an appropriate candidate quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of fuss.

Whether you need a junior buyer or quality director, the methods in finding suitable people are largely the same. We feel that a client should pay us a fee ONLY when we have found the right candidate, and your problem has been solved.

This is why at Bluebook Partners, we only request a period of exclusivity rather than upfront payment. This strategy ensures we are motivated from day one to find you the best person as efficiently as we can, rather than expect to be paid before we start work.

Our aim is to provide you with a genuine value for money service, and for us to form a business relationship over the long term. Our network is truly global, and we feel confident we can source the right talent where ever you have a need, however we will always be transparent and honest if we feel we can’t take on the assignment.

In terms of our reach, we’ve placed candidates in Germany, France, Turkey, Sweden, Spain and North America across engineering, procurement, supply chain and quality.

Our process is simple:

1. Contact us with details on what kind of candidate you need

2. Our methods will be discussed together with an anticipated timeline to complete the search

3. We will refer to our network, conduct a search and identify the most appropriate options

4. We will then present the individuals to you, together with the reasons why we think they are suitable

5. We will arrange for you to meet the candidates you choose, whether face to face or Skype

We aim to ensure you’re interviewing suitable people within four weeks from the first call you make to us, making the whole process simple and efficient.

So when you next need to add to your team, why not put a call through to us and see if we can help? We might just have the ideal candidate in our network.

Typical Roles Include …

  • Quality Director/Manager
  • APQP Engineer
  • Procurement Manager
  • Commodity Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager/Director
  • Direct and Indirect Buyer
  • Manufaturing Engineer
  • Engineering Lead
  • Supplier Quality Engineer
  • Program Manager/Director
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