Trades and Labour

At Skillsform, we have a thorough understanding of the sectors we supply labour & trades to:

– Demolition
– Basement construction
– Piling/Groundworks
– RC Frame

We’re not interested in being the biggest labour agency, but we do want to be the best & most relevant.

What kind of support?

Most projects, at some stage, will need to hire in temp labour to supplement existing teams or reach a deadline/milestone.

When this happens, you need operatives to be as good as what you’ve got and pick up the pace of the scheme quickly.

Or you might only carry a small core labour force to keep your costs down, at which point you need to bring in significant numbers.

Either way, we can normally put the right team together, with a supervisor if needed, within a matter of days.

Cost vs Quality??

I dare say you can get labour on the cheap, certainly cheaper than our day rates, but this usually ends up being counter-productive.

We won’t reduce our rates to win business. We believe paying operatives an appropriate day rate is the right way to go.

What can we supply?

Management & Engineering Project Manager
Construction Manager
Project Engineer
Site Engineer
Supervision Shuttering Foreman (m/f)
Frame & Erecting Supervisor
Slinger/Signaller Supervisor
Formwork Carpenter Decking (traditional & lightweight)
Walls (one & double sided) & columns
Precast Installation
Formwork Labour Frame Erecting (titan/meva/peri)
Striking & Erecting
General Labour/CITB General Labourer
Making good concrete Labourer
Traffic Marshall

We take care of compliance (right to work checks) and hold copies of relevant certs, tickets & licences.

We pay the operatives weekly and invoice you monthly.

So, If you’re a bit nonplussed at the quality of labour you get from your current agency, drop me a line and we can send you some rates.

If the rates work, let us supply you with a couple of operatives to compare.

Are you looking to hire? Please Contact Us

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