Prime Residential Recruitment

Despite Brexit and all that surrounds it, prime residential developments continue to march on – whether that’s an individual owner-occupied property refurbishment in Belgravia or a large scale high end apartment scheme on the Thames.

The appetite to own prime real estate in central London is seen as a safe place to invest. UK based individuals, London based family offices and overseas investors are all keen to continue acquiring property in the best locations.

Whether you’re a company managing this kind of property, or a niche contractor carrying out a bespoke refurbishment, or perhaps a major contractor building an exclusive apartment scheme, it’s vital that you have the right people with the right approach.

The cornerstone of Bluebook Partners is our network of passive talent within the prime residential sector. We continually build & develop a unique network of individuals that we can discreetly approach when the time is right. As we build this network in the background, it means we probably will know the right kind of candidate, when you need to hire.

Our process is simple :

1. Contact us with details on what kind of candidate you need

2. We will refer to our network, conduct a search and identify the most appropriate options

3. We will then present the individuals to you, together with the reasons why we think they are suitable

4. We will arrange for you to meet the candidates you choose

We aim to ensure you’re interviewing suitable people within two weeks from the first call you make to us, making the whole process simple and efficient.

So  when you next need to add to your team, why not get in touch with us and see if we can help? We might just have the ideal candidate in our network.

Typical Roles Include …


  • Project Director
  • Contracts Manager/Director
  • QS – all levels
  • Estimator
  • Site Manager


  • Project / Development Manager
  • Property Manager
  • Development Surveyor
  • Land Aquisition
  • Planning
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